NEW “Wisdom Wednesday” Webinars

A Power Packed Lunch n' Learn Series

Wise Up every other Wednesday in May. That’s when we’ll kick off our “Wednesday Wisdom” lunch n’ learn webinar series. It all starts on May 3rd.

You don’t want to miss this power packed hour!

May 3rd at 12:00 PM – So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit?
The objective of this course is to provide some valuable insights on what it takes to start a nonprofit organization. It requires a lot more than a good idea. It takes business acumen and organization. You’ll learn the importance of having a vision, why you need “skin in the game”, choosing a board of directors, when to pursue funding, and much more.

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May 17th at 12:00 PM3 Step Plan for Faith Based Organizations to Get Grant Funds
The objective of this course is to enlighten faith-based organizations on what it takes to successfully acquire grant funds. There is no reason that faith based organizations can’t pursue federal funds. In this course, you’ll learn what  inhibits faith-based organizations from being successful at getting grant funds. You’ll also learn three simple strategies to become more effective with getting grants.

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May 31st at 12:00 PM – Grant Writing 101
The objective of this course is to help beginning grant writers and nonprofit leaders who are interested in pursing grant funds for their organization. This course covers the fundamentals of grant writing, who’s eligible to apply, types of funders, what a 501 c (3) organization is and why it matters when applying for grants.

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The cost is ONLY $39 each! 

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