It’s Time for Worship…

5 Ways to Get Immersed in Your Vision

As a Christian woman I understand the concept of worship when it comes to God. It’s a daily practice for me.

The actual definition of worship is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. I can relate to that because of the love I have for God.

A few months ago, I encountered a phrase that required me to think about worship from a different perspective.

While attending a workshop for women in business, I was asked to select one of dozens of cards placed on a table.  We were asked to choose one that resonated with us most. The card I chose stated: “Worship Your Vision.”

That was 7 months ago and I’m still trying to articulate what that really means. My initial understanding was that I need to be totally committed to my vision. Always focused on it.

When I worship God I immerse myself in Him. So, I believe any vision I have requires the same thing.

I’m in the process of starting a nonprofit organization. I’ve had the vision for it since 2016. I received more clarity about it a few months ago. I haven’t moved forward before now because it’s a major undertaking. I didn’t feel like I had all the resources or skills I need, nor did I feel like I have the time.

Honestly, those are things we sometimes say to disguise our fear. I have been scared to do it. Ironically, I’ve never had the perfect circumstances to launch any ideas or projects I’ve had in the past. Yet, they have all been successful.

The key was I was willing to start moving forward before I had all the answers. Whatever stage I was in, I committed to the process. I was relentless. Through the activity of moving forward, inevitably what I needed showed up at the exact time that I needed it.

So here are a five practical things you must do in order to worship your vision:

  1. Sacrifice your time – life will throw everything at you to keep you from pursuing the things you feel matter most. You will never have enough time, but you can manage your time more effectively. If you sacrifice watching TV or hanging out with friends you can free up quite a bit of time. You can also sleep less. Sometimes you will need to get up earlier or stay up later.
  2. Ignore your feelings – they are fickle. They will change on you at the drop of a dime. You cannot trust your feelings. They will tell you that you’re afraid or you’re not competent enough, you’re not smart enough  or you’re too tired. Don’t believe it. Speak the opposite to yourself and do it anyway.
  3. Choose progress over perfection – If you wait until everything is perfectly aligned before you decide to move forward, nothing will get done. I’m not saying produce substandard or mediocre work. I’m saying do everything with a spirit of excellence, and then when it’s time to press play, you know you’ve done your best. Yes, if you had more money, more time, and more help things could be better. But you have to ask yourself, “Have I done the best job I could do with the resources, skills, and abilities that I currently have? If the answer is yes, then let it go and move forward.
  4. Adjust your mindset – the hardest part about entering into worship with God is clearing my mind of all the things that want to compete for my attention. One of the best ways to combat thoughts is through words. In traditional worship this is accomplished by reciting words of praise and adoration towards God. So, in this sense, you need to identify some positive affirmations related to your vision and your ability to accomplish it, and state them out loud several times a day every day. This will weed out the negative chatter in your mind and clear a path for success.
  5. Surrender – once you’re clear of your vision and what needs to be done to bring it to pass, you must let it go. You have to surrender that vision and trust that everything will unfold as it is suppose to and when it’s suppose to. You can’t expend precious energy trying to figure out where the money and the people are going to come from. Just begin to do all that you know to do and the rest will fall into place.

I’m happy to say that the process of worshiping my vision has begun. I filed my articles of incorporation and applied for my employee identification number. The next step is to apply for my tax exempt status.

So, what are you going to do to move forward with worshiping your vision?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time for Worship…

  1. Great blog, Latrina! I will thoughtfully consider how I can implement these actions in my own life and then take at least one step in the right direction. I will also share your post with my dissertation students as they often struggle with motivation to keep moving forward. Many thanks!