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 Greater Vision Consulting – “Helping Nonprofits Write the Vision and Make it Plain!”

“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, so that he who reads it will run. For the vision is for an appointed time. It hurries toward the goal of fulfillment; it will not fail. Even though it delays wait patiently for it, because it will certainly come.” – (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

Our Mission


Our primary mission is to help nonprofit organizations (NPO) and Non-profit leaders build their capacity to fulfill their goals by providing grant writing, training, and program development services.

Our Expertise


 We specialize in teaching visionaries and leaders how to master the art of storytelling.  Every organization must have a vision and a strategic plan, and your ability to execute that plan successfully is contingent upon how you present it.  Everything you write should be done in a way that effectively communicates your organization’s vision to your target audience.  Once you learn to master the skill of storytelling,  you can use it in other areas of your organization: raise money, recruit volunteers, and get community buy-in.  Let us show you how!